diarmuid/the name of any mythological prettyboy you can think of
ENG/ไทย/中文/ES ( currently learning mon & gaeilge )
he/they ( though other stuff is also cool! )
mixed indigenous asian ( thai-chinese + mon + ??? )
i do weird random stuff

where to find me

i usually post my stuff on the blog.
toyhouse is kind of messy and it’s where i organize my OC doodles & junk ( contact me if you want my OC info site ).


  • mythology + ancient literature

  • music, theatre, that sorta junk

  • forests

  • writing and that kind of thing

specific stuff i’m into

⭐️ = currently obsessed with


  • too many to list lol ( though i’m in the process of building a comprehensive list on my blog. it’s far from complete but you can check it out there! )

more recent media

music stuff i dunno

  • pretty much any kind of folk/traditional music

  • particularly asian and celtic, nowhere specific, just music from those corners of the world in general i really like

  • but uh. i’m really into mahori, molam, and sean-nós

  • speaking of that last one. anything that involves iarla ó lionáird is automatically awesome.

before you interact

i don’t tag triggers, but just know that most of my content deals with things like unreality and dreams.i sometimes use reclaimed slurs like “queer” and “fag” and that kinda stuff.i keysmash and use all caps and ellipsis a lot, but rarely in a negative way.sometimes i spam favourites/likes. if i do this to you, don’t worry! this is just bc i really like the stuff on your page and want to get that message across.bc it annoys some people, i like to say “y’all” and “youse” and stuff. second-person plural pronouns ftw!bc some people are picky about this, i do use capital letters. i just use lowercase when i chat casually and stuff, and normally i capitalise stuff properly when i’m writing formally or roleplaying. this is to make it easier to tell apart when i’m talking and when i’m writing, if that makes sense.